10 Questions to Ask When Hiring an SEO Consultant

When it comes to hiring an SEO consultant for your business, you need to ensure you find the right one for your needs.

Making the right choice when you are bringing one of these professionals onboard can make all the difference. However, how can you determine whether you are considering the right SEO consultant if you have never used them before?

Well, the key is to make sure you ask the right questions, as this will provide you with valuable information that can help you to make an informed decision.

Poor SEO can have a serious negative impact on your business, which is why you have to make sure you find the right consultant. With the right professional working with you, you’ll be able to look forward to great results when it comes to your SEO strategy and implementation.

The ten key questions you need to ask

In order to find the right SEO consultant for your needs and your business, you need to make sure you are asking the right questions. So we recently had a sit down with Tobias Gilbert who offers SEO services in Miami and asked him what are the top questions you should always ask when looking to hire an SEO consultant!

Some of the key ones that you need to ask are:

  1. How much do you charge? You need to find out how much the SEO consultant charges so that you can ensure the pricing fits in with your budget. Some consultants will charge an hourly rate while others may charge per project. Finding out about the cost and fee structure will make it easier for you to determine the suitability of the consultant based on budget. However, you need to make sure that you do not sacrifice on quality in order to get the cheapest prices, as this will end up costing you more in the long run.
  1. What services will be delivered as part of the strategy? Ask the SEO consultant what types of services will be provided as part of the service, as this will enable you to determine whether all of your needs will be addressed. You also need to find out about the quantities of each of the services that the SEO consultant will be providing to help you with your SEO strategy.
  1. How do you plan to improve my rankings? You need a detailed description of exactly how the SEO consultant plans to improve your search engine rankings. The consultant should provide a thorough explanation of the strategies that will be used in order to boost your rankings. You should also ask for a realistic idea with regards to how long it is likely to take to achieve the SEO goals that are put into place.
  1. Are you familiar with the most up to date webmaster guidelines for search engines? The last thing you want to do is end up on the wrong side of the major search engines. With this in mind, you need to make sure that the SEO consultant you are considering is well versed with the most up to date webmaster guidelines and adheres to them strictly. If these guidelines are not followed, the impact on your rankings and business could be very damaging. You can also check out there blog or website to see what information they are sharing within the community. This is a great example of how a blog can be used successfully for SEO.
  1. Are you able to guarantee that my website will rank number one on major search engines? This is something of a red herring when it comes to questions you need to ask an SEO consultant before you hire. If the answer to this is yes, then you should simply walk away. No consultant worth his or her salt will ever make a guarantee such as this because it is not possible to guarantee a number one position. You should, therefore, see this as a red flag if the consultant claims to be able to guarantee this outcome.
  1. How do you track how successful your SEO campaigns are? You need to find out more about how the SEO consultant measures the success of the SEO campaigns. It is important for you to be able to monitor the level of traffic that is being sent to your site and determine where the traffic is coming from. Your consultant should be able to use analytical tools in order to track website traffic, ranking improvements, keywords being used by internet users, and other important details. You also need to ensure that the consultant will regularly share this information with you.
  1. What sorts of communication methods will you use and how often will we be in contact? It is essential that you find an SEO consultant with excellent communication skills, as you need to be kept in the loop with everything that is going on with your website. Ask the consultant what types of communication methods are commonly used and how often the two of you will communicate. Of course, you can’t expect to be in communication 24/7 but holding regular catch-up meetings via Skype or on the phone could prove invaluable.
  1. Do you have the details of past or current clients? Another thing to ask is whether the SEO consultant has a list of past and current clients that can be shared with you. A reputable consultant should be able to share a brief list of clients with you so that you can then get in touch to see whether they saw any improvement as a result of using the SEO consultant. While testimonials are all well and good, the ones that are put up on the site are the glowing ones so they don’t really give you a true picture.
  1. What happens if I need to terminate the contract early? If the SEO consultant needs you to sign up for a certain minimum period of time, you need to determine what happens in the event that you have to terminate early. While you may not be planning to do this, there are numerous issues that could arise and force you into having to end the contract prematurely. Knowing where you stand beforehand will ensure that you are prepared.
  1. How long have you been working in the SEO consultancy field? If you want greater peace of mind when it comes to hiring an SEO consultant, it is best to find one with plenty of experience. This means that they will have a solid background in the industry and expertise that can be used when dealing with your SEO campaign.

Enjoy greater success with the right consultant

Asking these questions will boost the chances of you finding the right SEO consultant for your campaign and your business. This, in turn, means that you will be able to look forward to far greater success levels when it comes to your website and your business.